Beast Modulus

by Beast Modulus

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TurbinoZ100000 I think these guys are just mighty pissed off at their instruments and are intricately torturing them to bits. It sounds lovely.
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released May 26, 2015



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Beast Modulus Brooklyn, New York

Originally conceived as a scrapyard of drum parts, this project has been through various incarnations over the last ten years. Now, four friends and former band mates have come together to make sincere, heavy music.

Jody Smith-Drums

Owen Burley-Guitar

Jesse Adelson-Bass/Vocals

Kurt Applegate- Vocals
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Track Name: Cowboy Caligula
Ride and conquer
One horse. One rider
Turn over your spoils to the state
As I sail on this sea of hell

Fight until the end
Rampage. Attack.
Veins filled with dust…

Plunder. All you have
Devour. All you are
Delight. In this my
Tyranny. Muscles are
Torn at. The edge of my blade
Can’t you see this suffering won’t end?
Until. I have caused the
Starvation. Of your whole land…

Treason is a thing of the past
And I will disappear into the sunset
While the light
From my spurs
Glimmers with death

Accosted. No more
Republic restored
The earth. My whore
Blood waves collide with the shore

Young emperor with a rotten mind
Falling sickness. One of a kind
One lord. One king
Destroyer of everything…

Place my bones inside the tomb
As I stare out from under the crown…

Plunder. All you have
Devour. All you are
Delight. In this democracy…

Curse all that is pure
False dignity
Throwing crowds to the lions is my legacy
Track Name: WaSaBi!
Feeble legs begin to walk
Through this world of sin
Not knowing that the danger
Has just begun…

Caught in surrealistic dreams
Decrepit lies and schemes
The flesh that my soul
Has been trapped inside
Will one day be taken from me?
A blessing that is meant to be

Eternal. Sight.
Everlasting. Might.

What you started. You couldn't stop...

As for the end, I don’t know
The body dies. These cells won’t grow
Hope remains and my spirit
Future’s uncertain. Infinite
A lost cause soon will be found
While my carcass lies underground
The sacrifice
Track Name: Fabulous
Forced. Asymmetry. Lost. Beauty.
A gorgeous hooker paid with blood
Couldn’t possibly make me come

So divine
Hardly mistaken
So sublime
Hearts are left aching
Our design
Vanity. Vomit. Sorrow.

At last you realize
Your beauty is nothing
Strides on the runway
Towards ignorance and truth

Skinny is your frame
Puppy is your name
Drugs are food
Fed to you

Forsake all of your character
And the parents who sired you


Set to the tune of a million giraffes in high heels.
Track Name: Tyranny of Numbers
The story begins
The rain approaches
Wind tears through
Leaves and branches

The eye of the storm
Surrounds us now
A massive swarm
Will not allow

The future
To become present and real
Life as we know it
Is pain revealed

Of this numbness
Our alignment
Your entertainment

Like a number zero
Through your screen
Colors and shapes
Invade your dreams

Like the nightmares
Of red laced vampires
Azure hued drowning pools
Harlequin dancing fools

The last
Track Name: Kalashnikov
So much more than a gun…
Conceived in a hospital
Red all around
Entry for contest…

Elicit trade

Never halt production
It’s a costly process
Calm down the recoil
Of automatic fire

Modernized. Upgraded. Terrorized. Lied.

Vital to have appreciation
Of everything that already exists…

Fixed battle setting
Economical war
Sold to the lowest bidder
Four cows for one…

Bereaved after you were gone
Darkness has been found
This is the last round

Dragged through mud and sand
Only to shoot 30 rounds again
Success. Failure.
Confirmed by experience
Trenches. Jungle. Desert. Legendary.
Inaccurate. Associate.

Vodka. Caviar. Suicidal novelists…
Track Name: Killing Champion
Foreign lands

American empire
Suicidal children
Chaos at hand

Mar del Plata
Eleven years
Ninety-five car crash
Weekend furlough

Leave of absence
Beat my mistress
Public knowledge
Violent outbreak

Spar three rounds
Run three miles
Just to make the weight
Caloric intake
Only one fight
In the states

World champion
World champion

A tumultuous life
Showcasing anger from within
Thirty-seven knockouts
A slave to your system

Shot in the leg
In Seventy-three
Seven hours of surgery

Remove the bullet

Toss her off the balcony
And I will follow
Homicidal. Strangling
In prison I will wallow